Welcome to the new site of BMW⊕

What is BMW⊕

Our passion for old bimmers is great! Although I’m a big fan from japanese cars i have always cars from good old germany. BMW⊕ was my idea, because a friend of me have the ultimat passion for this cars. i said to him „let’s go online with your prefacelift E30“. so we had create a site for his car. A few month later, i bought some bimmers again. Some E36.. now, I’m again owner from a older model. The BMW E28 524td from 1984 is now my new daily.

Who is BMW⊕

All owners of „die neue Generation“ of bimmers, can send me some pics and specs from their cars.
E12 | E21 | E23 | E24 | E26 | E28 | E30 (prefacelift)
Owners from the newer generation, without chrome bumpers, can also send us their pics and specs. we make a category „neue Modelle“ 🙂

Our cars:

Maxwell | BMW E30 320i pre-facelift with a lot of M-technics and in Alpinwhite
Maxwell | BMW e30 318i pre-facelift with oldschool sportseats and 15″ Harte replicas
Maxwell | BMW E23 745i, a real good turbo engine.
Tuned | BMW E28 524td facelift 1, stock with frontlip
Tuned | BMW E28 520i pre-facelift, stock and waiting for more.
Chrissi | BMW E30 320i pre-facelift